Destination: Australia

Robert Adamson is an Australian poet, based around the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales. This landscape, its wildlife and human geography, is the source of much of his work. Greatly influenced by North American poets such as Robert Creeley and Louis Zukofsky, Adamson’s work has a refreshing vagrancy and imaginative freedom reflected in his deep love of birds. His latest collection, published in the UK, The Kingfisher’s Soul (Bloodaxe, 2009) is divided into three parts, all of which circle around land and air, birds and the words a poet needs to summon what he sees.
We’ll be looking at:
The Kingfisher’s Soul
Pied Butcher Bird Flute Solo
Summer at Carcoar
A Visitation
Death of a Cat
The Serpent
Eurydice and the Tawny Frogmouth
Thinking of Eurydice at Midnight
The Goldfinches of Baghdad
The Stone Curlew
The Southern Skua
The Cow Bird
The Ruff
Come along to Newcastle City Library on Tuesday 7 May (6pm-8pm) for a taste of the antipodes – a chance to explore poetry with a different pulse, different reference points, populated by very lovely birds!