Kiss Me First

February’s book was Kiss Me First by Lottie Moggach. Leila, the narrator, agrees to post online content on behalf of Tess – a warm but troubled thirty something who wants to disappear without hurting friends and family. But will the reclusive and socially awkward Leila be able to pull it off? And just how involved will she have to get in Tess’ life? We weren’t convinced. Perhaps it’s because we’ve read too many books – The Rosie Project, The Universe versus Alex Woods, The Humans – with outsider narrators recently. What we did like was the questions raised about social media. How do we really know what lies behind our screens, whether an impossibly perfect Facebook life or something more sinister? A fascinating subject and we agreed we’d like to read more by the author.

Slightly disillusioned with modern fiction, we turned to the past for inspiration. Members have been rediscovering classic books, especially on their eReaders. Whether electronically or by dusty old charity shop find our favourites were Madame Bovary, The Moonstone, Wuthering Heights and My Ántonia.

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