April’s session – The Girl on a Train

Lovely, as always, to see you all last night (and welcome to our new members) and chew over ‘Mr. Mac & Me’, which was a welcome relief after our recent slew of dysfunctional women, buffalo slaying men and wayward, introspective novelists. Next month’s book is ‘The Girl on a Train’ by Paula Hawkins, who is also appearing at the Hexham Book Festival to talk about the book on Wednesday 29th April at 7.30pm at the Queen’s Hall. Go to www.hexhambookfestival.co.uk to book tickets online or call 01434 652477.

Next month our book is a graphic novel, a first for the group, called ‘Sally Heathcote – Suffragette’ by Brian and Mary Talbot. They’re both coming to the meeting on May 5th to talk about the book, so get your questions ready. You can get it in bookshops and online, and it’s available in libraries too.

Book club returnees

What a great turnout last night, & terrific to see those faces which I thought had been lost to us, especially Louise & little Emma, our new book club baby who charmed us all last night with her blue eyes. That’s three babies now, but it was mentioned that if we read some more raunchy books then maybe we’d have a few more. I have high hopes of Lauren Owen’s gothic romp involving sex, adventure and horror, ‘The Quick’, our read for next month, and Lauren’s also appearing at the Durham Book Festival on October 11th from 3-4pm at Palace Green library, just £3 to book club members. Have a look here for more information…


I’m also chairing some events at the Durham Book Festival including Kate Adie, Kirsty Wark, Sheila Hancock, Linda Grant and Rachel Cooke so if you’re in the audience then please come up afterwards and say hello.  It’s always cheering to see a friendly face after staggering off-stage wondering if you’ve asked the right questions.

See you all on October 7th – garlic & crucifixes optional.

Book for August meeting

The group have decided to meet on 5 August (usual time of 6.30pm at the usual place, The Carriage pub in Jesmond) and are going to be reading Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, as suggested by Steve.

And how lovely was it to see our second book club baby on Tuesday night?  Tiny, blue-eyed, 10-week-old Joe Erdal, who distracted me horribly from ranting about The Glass Room. May he be an avid reader and a witty writer.

And finally, a small cyberspace SOS to the lovely book group member who used to come until she had her baby last summer and then we haven’t seen her since. We would love to see you back again, and bring the baby too. I can’t remember your name (but then I can barely remember my own name sometimes) but you have short black hair, a beautiful face and a big smile. Come back!


Facebook page for Newcastle Book Group

One of our members, Stephanie, who is much more social network minded than me (who isn’t at all) has set us up a Facebook page. So if you want to see what everyone else is thinking, and if my choices are hitting the spot – or getting a kicking – then have a look on https://www.facebook.com/groups/Newcastlebookgroup

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to discussing, architecture, sex and politics tomorrow night when we all meet to chew over ‘The Glass Room’ by Simon Mawer.

Newcastle Book Group lunchtime update

Hello everyone,

It was great to meet the revived Newcastle Lunchtime Book Group last week and I really enjoyed our discussion about Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres. If anyone is interested in attending the lunchtime group, they’ll be reading the same books and meeting on the same day and same place – just at 12.30pm. So the next book for both groups will be Tracey Chevalier’s The Last Runaway, which will be discussed on Tuesday 1 April. This ties in with the author’s Hexham Book Festival appearance, when she’ll be appearing on Monday 28 April at 7.30pm at Queen’s Hall.