Monthly Archive for July, 2014

Book for August meeting

The group have decided to meet on 5 August (usual time of 6.30pm at the usual place, The Carriage pub in Jesmond) and are going to be reading Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, as suggested by Steve.

And how lovely was it to see our second book club baby on Tuesday night?  Tiny, blue-eyed, 10-week-old Joe Erdal, who distracted me horribly from ranting about The Glass Room. May he be an avid reader and a witty writer.

And finally, a small cyberspace SOS to the lovely book group member who used to come until she had her baby last summer and then we haven’t seen her since. We would love to see you back again, and bring the baby too. I can’t remember your name (but then I can barely remember my own name sometimes) but you have short black hair, a beautiful face and a big smile. Come back!