Monthly Archive for February, 2014

New Writing North is delighted to announce that the Newcastle Lunchtime Book Group is back

We lost the funding to support it last year, but the group is happy to go it alone and the pub is happy for them to take over the back room from 12.30pm to 1.30pm on the first Tuesday of every month. So it will be just like the old days. Keep your eyes open for the forthcoming books in the newsletter or on the website. The next meeting will be on Tuesday 4 March.

And if group members decide that they want to veer off the regular reading list and make your own decisions about what to read, just nominate a group leader and let Tammy know.

Meanwhile, the evening session of the Newcastle Book Group is having to switch from its regular first Tuesday slot this month as Caroline is going to the Adelaide Book Festival to host some events there with Margaret Drabble, Alexander McCall-Smith and Helen Dunmore, and ‘hopefully get a tan’. So March’s meeting will be on Tuesday 11 March.