Monthly Archive for July, 2013

Changes to the group

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a member of the Newcastle book group, currently run by Caroline Beck, which meets monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at The Carriage pub in Jesmond. The group currently has two meetings: one at lunchtime, and one at 6.30pm.

I’m very sorry to say that New Writing North is no longer able to fund both meetings, so we’ve had to take the very difficult decision to merge the lunchtime group meeting into the evening meeting. This means that although the group will still exist in the evening, and still be run by Caroline, the lunchtime group will no longer be.

This will take effect from September 2013 so the July meeting will be your last meeting in its current form.

I hope you understand that we didn’t take this decision lightly, and that it is in no way a reflection of the group or of Caroline – we think the Newcastle book group is wonderful, and that Caroline has done an exemplary job in running it for the last six years. It is simply the case that we are being squeezed on all sides from our funders and that we can no longer stretch to keep funding the group as it is.

Those of you who currently attend the lunchtime meeting may wish to keep meeting as a voluntary group – and we’d be delighted if you did. The venue will still be available to you, and you’ll still receive the monthly emails from New Writing North with the books being read. It would be entirely up to you if you wanted to read and discuss the same books as the evening group, or come up with some selections of your own.

All of the other New Writing North book groups have been made volunteer-led over the last 18 months or so, and it’s a model we’re very proud of. If you, too, would like to go down this route, please do discuss it at your July meeting and let me know your decision.

Once again, I’m very sorry to bring you this news, and I hope you understand.