Monthly Archive for May, 2013

The Sense of an Ending

I read this book (nicely produced, by the way, and you can’t get that sense on a kindle) way too fast and on a hot sunny day, actually THE hot sunny day, and was irritated by its moany, self-absorbed male character. And that ending!  I thought, “What? Have I missed something?”.  And this, dear reader, is the point of Book Club because after the lunchtime session I completely reversed my opinion of the book, seeing things which had been opaque, hints and clues which I’d failed to pick up on (this failure to attend to detail is like the central character, which is rather worrying. Maybe I didn’t like him because I saw too much of myself in there.) It made me want to re-read it, and take more time.
But then, along came the evening group, and as the hour went on I began to like it less. One member said, “The main character is in a state of arrested development” and I remembered what had made me so cross about the book. And so we went, to and fro, like a tennis match, and finally I wanted to throw the book across the room again. Book Club is nothing if not thought-provoking.
Lovely to see some familiar faces back again last night, as well as some new faces. You’re all most welcome. I miss my regulars when  you’re not there, and worry that the books I’m choosing aren’t what you want to read. But then with ‘Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day’ coming soon, what’s not to like?