Monthly Archive for June, 2012

Elizabeth Day

I’ve just had an email back from Elizabeth Day, the author of this month’s book ‘Scissors, Paper, Stone’, who was generous enough to come up from London on Tuesday to talk to us about her book. I think everyone who was there really enjoyed it – she was so interesting about both how she wrote the book and about publishing in general. For her though it was a bit of a revelation because so often when authors go to events at Book Festivals not many members of the audience have actually read the book. But our group was different – we all argued away like mad and she loved it. In her email she said “I’ve never been in a group full of such engaged, generous and perceptive readers. I felt I learned more about the book than they did from me!” So thanks to all who came and made Elizabeth feel so welcome. It was a great night.  For me the best part of the evening was gradually hearing the whole pub fall utterly silent as she read from her novel.  If you can silence an entire Tyneside pub I’d say that was pretty powerful writing.

Discount at Blackwells for the July book by Peter Carey

Just to update you all – Blackwells are still doing their £2 discount on the our bookclub books if you say you’re a member of the New Writing North book group. But they’re also doing a £5 off the Peter Carey book that we’ll be reading for July.