Monthly Archive for May, 2012

Elizabeth Day coming to the next book group

Thanks as ever to all those who came on a chilly Mayday (so much for my plans to sit outside in the gorgeous May weather) to talk about Edgelands. A great discussion because views about the book were so mixed – some people really loved it, me included, and others found it wilfully miserable and even pretentious. You’re nothing if not vocal!

The great news for next month’s book, Scissors, Paper, Stone, is that the author Elizabeth Day is coming up to Newcastle for the evening session to talk about her book. Elizabeth is a regular columnist for The Guardian and this is her first novel. I interviewed her for the Durham Book Festival and thought that it would be a good book club read. It’s about the secrets that families keep but it’s by no means a predictable read about a damaged family. It keeps you on your toes throughout.

So come and see Elizabeth Day talk about her book – note that because there’s something going on on Tuesday 6th (the day we’d normally meet), not quite sure what but something to do with the Queen… we’re going to be meeting the week after on JUNE 12th. Any members of the lunchtime group who’d like to come along to the evening session are most welcome, but I’ll be running the lunchtime session as well for those who can’t make it later on.

Hope to see you all there.