Monthly Archive for March, 2012

Update of book for April

Apologies, but there’s been a muck up over the book for April. It was going to be Sybille Bedford’s Jigsaw, which I read about a year ago and then told everyone how good it was. Clearly I did too good a job on promoting it because it’s sold out!

So I’m sorry to those of you who’ve been frustrated with trying to get it – I’ll find out when it’s back in stock and reschedule for the end of the year. I’m determined that you will read it because it is a little gem.

In the meantime the book for April 2012 is Night Waking by Sarah Moss. Sarah’s going to be appearing in a free session at the Hexham Book Festival on 1 May at 8pm at the Queen’s Hall. Go to and have a look…

And we’ll be meeting not on our usual first Tuesday of the month because I’ll be taking a well-deserved break in the Highlands in the run up to Easter. We’ll meet instead on Tuesday 10 April at the normal times of 12.30pm and 6.30pm at our new venue of the splendid pub, The Carriage in Jesmond.

Look forward to seeing you all there.