Monthly Archive for May, 2011

This is How

Thanks to all who turned out last Bookclub for the MJ Hyland event – I think she was surprised to see so many of us.  It’s always great to have authors to our events as it gives a real insight into how novelists work.  The amount of research Maria Hyland had done for this book, including interviewing prisoners in Strangeways prison, was impressive and it paid off in the writing.  She was very entertaining, shouting me down when I asked about why she wrote under the title MJ instead of her first name.  She said the reason was because Maria sounded like a florist!  I liked her – combative and funny.

The next book is ‘This Party’s Got To Stop’ by Rupert Thomson.  I interviewed him last October as part of the Durham Book Festival and liked him and his book.  Let’s see what you think when we meet on the 7th June.