Monthly Archive for March, 2011

Rest and recuperation

Thanks to all of you who wished me and my daughter well over the past few months after her operation – it’s been a horrible time, especially in those early days after coming out of hospital, but now that seems a mercifully long time ago.  As she’s off school for eight weeks and I’m looking after her we’ve been taking the opportunity to do lots of reading, especially in these unexpectedly warm sunny days of late March.  Last Monday was Eve’s 12th birthday and we went into town – Top Shop and Waterstones being on the priority list – and browsed through books and funky T-shirts.  If there was a shop that marketed the two together we might never have emerged into the daylight.  My memories of books at the same age was a furtive scrabble about in the ‘young adult’ section of our village library and trying to sneak rather risque books past the hatchet faced librarian, who was also a friend of my Mother.  Once I tried to get out Erica Jong’s “Fear of Flying’ and before stamping it she eyed me firmly and put it in the returns shelf.  Lucky Eve.  She spent ages in the friendly, warm bookshop and came out with a pile of books none of which I would have presumed to censure.  ‘Try everything once’ counselled my Grandfather, ‘apart from incest and Morris Dancing’.  Sage advice.

See you next Tuesday for ‘The Vagrants’ a book I’m really enjoying.  Hope you are too.