Monthly Archive for October, 2010

Pole dancing and prose

Last night two worlds collided at the Living Room book group.  The downstairs basement, where we have met for three years, had been booked by another group.  I completely forgot, went downstairs as usual to open up expecting to see all the gorgeous faces of my group, and instead there were around a dozen leotarded stick insects all practising pole dancing around what looked like scaffolding poles – austerity cuts, I guess.  I felt oddly territorial, wanted to go in and tell them to stop writhing and start reading, the bossy mother within me bursting to get out.

Upstairs, where they’d put us, was equally strange though.  We were behind a red velvet curtain- shades of the confessional – and the music wasn’t quite low enough so whilst we were discussing rape, torture, murder and the collapse of the British Empire, the meat of our latest book ‘Small Wars’, we were all having to compete against Aretha Franklin and Booker T.  It was a great discussion though with plenty of views about how convincing Sadie Jones’s portrayal of this rather shabby episode of post-colonial history was.

Next month we’ll be back in our old haunt, minus the pole dancers, and our book will be Colm Toibin’s ‘The Blackwater Lightship’ – a little gem.  Leotards optional.