Monthly Archive for January, 2015


A Happy New Year 2015 to everyone. A new year signals a new beginning for us with the news that experienced book group leader and developer Maxine Patterson is now leading our group. Maxine joined us for our discussion of Anthony Doerr’s ‘All the light we cannot see’ on 12 January and loved us all so much she’s decided to stay!

This is a book that pleased everyone and the longer we discussed it the more detail we were able to draw out of our collective appreciation. It’s the sort of book that, once finished you want to read it again, as one of us said ‘So that I can relish it all over again and savour every phrase.’

‘All the light we cannot see’ is a very visual novel, and very cleverly and sensitively written. Anthony Doerr has created a story weaved around the mechanical, technical and natural world with some beautifully drawn characters where themes of good and evil permeate. We observed the way he writes the story of a blind girl using all the other senses, touch, taste, smell and sound to enable us to really visualise her world: the house she lives in, the streets she walks along counting as she goes to help her find her way, the peaches she eats from a tin that you can taste along with her. It’s a sad, poignant story with wonderful detail and as one of our group said, it was lovely to discover a new author whose style was so very new and unpredictable. We’re looking forward to seeing the film of the book which seems inevitable.

We discussed the possibility of an author-lead meeting and I’ll be checking out a couple of possibilities for inclusion in this year’s programme. More about this later.

Our next book is Karen Joy Fowler’s ‘We are all completely beside ourselves’ which we’ll discuss at the meeting on 9 February. See you there.