Monthly Archive for April, 2014


What a great discussion last Monday, and a very warm welcome to the new members: I hope you enjoyed it, and that we will see you again next month. It’s such a great book group – I went home buzzing, even after all that mad driving. I guess it makes for an interesting evening when the280px-Vladimirskayare are both ardent fans and adamant opposers – good to hear both points of view, expertly expressed. Thanks everyone, for your continuing enthusiasm, intelligence and humour.

Colm Toibin next month – a very different read. Not without humour, but not of the grotesque, surreal Mantel type. I am not a Catholic, but have always been fascinated by the role and status of Mary (well both Marys) in Catholicism. I think this book is a brave attempt to look at the story from essentially a mother’s point of view. Mary, mother of God – it’s beyond imagining – but if you think of the historical Jesus, this is also a human story, I suppose, in which it is possible to see Mary as Everywoman, human and baffled. And Toibin also has a way with words, as I think we saw with his Brooklyn novel.
Hope you all have a lovely Easter (good time to be reading Mary!)
See you in May