Monthly Archive for March, 2014

March madness

P1020224Hello book groupies hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Looking forward to sharing Jane Smiley with you all on Monday. Jane her very self is appearing at the Tyneside cinema this weekend – you can find more details here.
Just to let you know that I needed to choose some books for our next few meets – I have gone back to some of the suggestions that you gave me a month or so ago, so I hope we will all be happy. These choices are now in the sidebar but will also go over with you on Monday.
Has anybody been listening to The Fun Stuff by James Wood on Radio 4 this week? It’s lit crit but very accessible – he talked about some authors we have read together among others. Both enlightening and entertaining, and somehow like one of our very best book groups where we hit some beautiful insights, not just into the text but into the human condition. Sounds a bit poncey, and I apologise, but this is how I feel about our shared experience (possibly enhanced by Ashleigh’s amazing coffee).
See you Monday -have a great weekend.