Monthly Archive for October, 2013

Kiss me

Hi Durham bookgroup!
I am sadly working my Saturday, reading many things I don’t want to read when I have a stack of things I really want to read beckoning like chunky sirens on the table. However, I did manage to read LM’s book and although I am not sure I found it massively credible, think there is much to talk about. Just a reminder that she will be available for questions at the Lit Fest event tomorrow (Sunday 13th) night – more info here.
I have managed to edge past the autumn terror – it happens in late August, as the light changes – and am now embracing the new season. This involves buying strange woollen garments from charity shops – cardigans, pleated skirts, tweedy anything – so I can look like Miss Jean Brodie (in her prime, of course). Plus going to bed very, very early so I can read.
I’ve got through a Susan Hill thriller – didn’t know she did detective fiction – with a wish fulfilment detective called Serrailler – artistic, hunky, intelligent, you know the type. Again I am not convinced, but somehow it doesn’t matter. Just along for the ride. Anyway my heart belongs to Lord Peter Wimsey – Dorothy Sayers’ sexy, war-haunted toff.
I am also reading The Wasted Vigil by Nadeem Aslam which I thoroughly recommend.
OK enough of my squalid life. I look forward to sharing thughts and ideas and possibly exchanging a few insults on Monday night, dear readers. Be there, or be square.P1010863