Monthly Archive for August, 2013

Late, late summer

Hello all. Almost that back to school, sewing on the name tapes, spending hours finding the right shoes time of year. The imminent season may also arouse a desire to visit the library and stroll home through long-shadowed streets with an armful of reading material for those lengthening nights, those shortening days..Skipton 008

Anyway. Enough already. Have you read the book yet? I must confess I haven’t, as I am currently in the middle of Barabara Kingsolver’s Flight Behaviour. However, I have a week away coming up and am looking forward to entering the world of The Book Thief.

Hope you are happy with the autumn’s book choices and look forward to sharing them with you in the months to come. October’s book is a tie in with the Festival – and may also involve an event. Look forward to catching up with you all on Sep 9th.