Monthly Archive for June, 2013

The Necklace

.. is the name of the Guy de Maupassant short story that we agreed to read at the last book group. You can find a copy of it here.P1010133

Really enjoyed the MJ Hyland discussion – it was a bookgroup in which I felt my understanding of the novel had been massively enhanced. I was also pleased that so many of you enjoyed it, even if there were differences of opinions as to why. And a big welcome to new readers.

As well as The Necklace, don’t forget to bring along any books you can recommend for a good read this summer – they don’t have to be books to read on the beach, just anything you have enjoyed and would like to share.

Having a bit of an eclectic time with books – just finished The Troubled Man by Henning Mankell – the final Wallander I think. Don’t know why crime novels are so soothing, especially when translated from the Swedish. Also picked up the final novel in a trilogy by Lars Iyer called Exodus. Iyr tached philosophy at Newcastle University and this book, like the two before, are about the changes in academia, the marketisation of departments, especially Philosophy. Funny, picaresque, but you need that Idiot’s Guide to Philosophy to hand, sorry Mr Iyer. Then also reading (for light relief) Anagrams by Lorrie Moore, which is about a woman who invents different possible lives for herself – complicated fun.

Aside from the above, I am trying to amass a stack of books for holiday reading so will bring some along on the 8th. There will also be cake – so hope you can make it.


Let it shine

Hey lovely Durham Bookgroup how are you all doing? Thanks a bit belatedly for our great Alchemist discussion and the sharing of spiritual insights – it was a fab evening, and also gave me an opportunity to read TSE again.
Hope the MJH book is going down well – I think she is such an interesting writer. Sadly I have now read all three of her novels and will have to wait for her to catch up with my desire for another one. She is brilliant at inhabiting unusual characters and making them real, and in this case, she captures the intensity of adolescence with (I found) a dark hilarity. Loved this book and hope you do too.
Otherwise I am mostly obsessing about Frida Kahlo and an event I am putting on in July which I will tell you about when we next meet – not the 10th but the 17th – all thanks to Neil Youngneil ah excitement ..