Monthly Archive for May, 2013

Metal to gold

Hello everybody – am in a TGIF moment about to head off to see my mum and wondering how a short week can be so long. The illusions of time and place – a worthy subject for discussion next Monday I hope. Reading The Alchemist has made me think of other books / poems/ music / art that have/has made me think beyond what’s in front of my nose.

P1010146I think I resist some kinds of spiritual text, maybe because it doesn’t match with my experience of the world, or because I find myself thinking – really? You believe that? But then I can be transformed and uplifted by a Jack Gilbert poem or a Leonard Cohen song – and I’m sure many people would find this equally bizarre.
So let’s discuss not only Paul Coelho but also how our own base metal is transformed to gold and by what means. I’ll bring some poems too.