Monthly Archive for April, 2013

Lovely evening

anne-sexton-1928-1974-american-poet-everettThanks bookgroup for a great evening – so nice to talk about both the book and the poems – one of those evenings when I come out of the cafe feeling as high as a kite. It’s not just the fabulous coffee, but the great company so thanks! Here’s some info about Jeffrey McDaniel:

And some stuff about Anne Sexton:

Look forward to seeing you all again in May, when it really won’t be snowing. Will it?


Spud u like?

Ciao readers. Spring may have reared its tiny little head for a day or two but seems to have sunk back into the permafrost again. Not fair. I actually walked along by the Southbank on Friday with my coat unbuttoned, in a mad surge of well-being. That’ll teach me.

So look forward to discussing the book with you tomorrow night. It was quite a different book from the one I had imagined, both more serious and more charming. I am a sucker for an epistolary novel – at uni one summer hol I read all 8 volumes of Richardson’s Clarissa and wrote a very long essay on it which my tutor refused to mark on the grounds that he was not going to read it. Who could blame him, really? But I just loved the way you could reveal facets of characters in this multiplicity of viewpoints. It seemed panoramic and literary in a very good way.

I love letters, both writing them and even more receiving them. So much more intricate and considered than emails. And revealing too. Now so rare. I just have a couple of friends with whom I still correspond the old-fashioned way. Makes me feel positively Victorian to get out the writing pad.