Monthly Archive for March, 2013


Hey Durham Book Group, how are you all? I’m in very cold Cambridge in a Travelodge with some couscous and roast veg in a plastic pot. I have had better evenings, including Monday night – I was nervous about suggesting a book that has meant a lot to me, but so glad you enjoyed it. Hope you will go on to try Billy or maybe some poems such as:
(Inner Tube)

On the warm July river
head back

upside down river
for a roof

slowly paddling
towards an estuary between trees

there’s a dog
learning to swim near me
friends on shore

my head
back to the eyebrow
I’m the prow
on an ancient vessel,
this afternoon
I’m going down to Peru
soul between my teeth

a blue heron
with its awkward
broken backed flap
upside down

one of us is wrong

his blue grey thud
thinking he knows
the blue way
out of here

or me
Michael Ondaatje

Makes me think of summer and having time to look at the world (neither of these things can I remember at all).
Bragging spot: I recently won a film poem comp with this poem (it has a naughty word in sorry – poetic licence)

looking forward to seeing you in April with your potato peelers. Hope the sun is shining by then I really do.