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Hey All hope you are coming to tonight’s bookgroup. I finished the book in a wild last minute dash yesterday evening and my dreams were haunted by bizarre feastings of panda and tiger and koala bear. I am still reeling from the pace of the novel (or maybe this was how I read it).
Decadent, yes – but with a moral in its edible tail? There were insights that I enjoyed – especially the idea that as capitalism appears to collapse, the rich are now so unimaginably rich that it hardly matters (to them). Some people rise above any kind of crash, even if they have created it. Was especially enraged by the recipes actually. Not sure why – they just made me feel physically sick on all kinds of levelsWALD<br />
Landscapes of Memory, as I am sure they were meant to.
Considering DBC is a reformed addict, the passages in which he gets completely off his face are not a turn off – in fact I really enjoyed his wild nights out. Could this be because I live in Darlington?
Looking forward to hearing your views.

ps have two poems here 

Monday next

080Hi all – sorry about January being a bit of a mess – although I am not personally responsible for the snow (a control freak writes). So we might spend a bit of next Monday on The Lighthouse as only a few of us turned up through the mighty blizzard. You know who you are, men. Then some DBC – which I hope you are all enjoying. I confess to not having read much of it – but train back from London will help and there’s still the weekend!
Have been reading a lot of poetry – Stag’s Leap by Sharon Olds top of the list. She just won the TSE prize. Review here.
Here’s hoping it doesn’t snow next week. Looking forward to seeing you.