Monthly Archive for January, 2013

Snow closure

Sorry all – we will have to put off the bookgroup for a week because of the snow – just heard from Ashley that it’s pretty bad in Durham and falling fast here in Darlington.

So sorry to cancel at the last minute – hope you all get to hear before setting out.  And hope next Monday is ok for most of you too.

It does look nice, though, doesn’t it?  I feel the need to make soup and hibernate – am reading a Siri Hustvedt’sDSCF1897 The Summer Without Men and could do with an afternoon under a blanket. Where did I put those nuts?

look forward to seeing you next week



Happy New Year, Dear Readers! Hope you all had a good break and lots of new books as presents. I did – which is fab – some design books, some poetry and a novel or two. In “real” rather than digital form also, which makes for more bulk under the tree.

Hope you are enjoying / have enjoyed The Lighthouse. Looking at it again this time, I am thinking about Freud’s theories of the uncanny DSCF1896– the unheimlich, where the familiar becomes unfamiliar and we feel lost – especially in the way the novel circles around some key images, ideas, sensual memories. It’s disorientating, which is surely part of the author’s plan, to wrong foot us and make us uncertain. In some ways similar to our last book, and both written in spare and concise prose – but I never felt lost in the previous book. Maybe because there is a certainty about Marukami’s prose, that makes you trust and feel in safe hands, no matter what is going on. He can even be “prosaic” – two moons, so what? Deal with it. Whereas this one is a bit more tricksy. Very enjoyable I thought.

2013 is shaping up nicely. Looking forward to seeing you all next Monday.