Monthly Archive for December, 2012

High 1Q

Glad this book was so popular – probably the second most popular one we have ever done (after Annabel by Kathleen Winter). And such a long haul, so hats off to the Durham Book Group for grit and persistence – not to mention those other qualities of perceptiveness and attention to the text, of course! I am well into Book 3 and still enjoying so look forward to finding those among you who have similarly kept going. Btw, the film maker I was thinking of is Hayao Miyazaki – especially the film called Spirited Away. It’s amazing even just for the animation, but also for the story telling and all round weirdness. Might spice up the usual Elf and Scrooge TV offerings (not that I don’t love Elf).

Thanks also for the lovely meal out – especially to Alison for organising. A lovely way to round off another remarkable year of books. Hope you all have a great Christmas and see you in the new year.

Just to add first book of the new year is The Lighthouse by Alison Moore – will ad the rest asap having trouble with me widgets this morning.