Monthly Archive for November, 2012


Great bookgroup as usual – thanks for all your input, sorry we didn’t get as much out of the writer’s prose as her poetry. The whole why didn’t it work? question has really been bothering me, so it was very good to get some clarification. The absence at the centre, the sense of being closed out from the writer’s real feelings, the two dimensional fellow dancers, lovers, friends. Even Clive James did not seem real. Or, maybe I was just not that into it ..
Nevertheless, very curious to meet Kapka and find out more about her and her work. Not to mention the chance to see a real tango being tangoed. Event starts at 6.30 so let’s meet at the station at 6?
Meanwhile I hope you are enjoying this month’s book – remember, readers, don’t give yourself a seizure trying to complete in the time given. Although I admire your ability to persevere hugely.
Conscious that this posting will be part of my digital legacy oo-er. Doesn’t seem to be improving the quality though sadly.