Monthly Archive for September, 2012

Champagne air

That slight chill can be exciting, don’t you think? Beautiful September days – without which, the descent into winter can be a bit grim. Instead, I’m feeling quite optimistic (for moi) about the coming season: the dark nights, the cosy fireside, the reading. Probably quite difficult to snuggle up with a Kindle, but I might even give that a try.
How are you enjoying the book? Hope it has gone down well – and was really pleased you all enjoyed The Believers (well nearly all of you ..). I guess this is more a plot than character driven work – some thrillers work more through character, perhaps? Not that we are not intrigued by the heroine, but maybe even more we want to know what is going on and why. A pretty fast read, though?
I’m reading Never Let Me Go and loving it. Have any of you read it? I think we might add to the list, but will ask for your thoughts on the 8th. A model of how to write intelligent and beautiful science fiction – at least, this is my idea of sic-fi, rather than the Banks type, all encompassing creation of worlds. Maybe I am lacking in imagination.
Still enjoying the strange on-line poetry course. This week I have mostly been reading Walt Whitman.

Looking forward to seeing you and maybe planning some BookFest events.