Monthly Archive for August, 2012


Hi all hope summer is bathing you in its glory – how much more we appreciate it when it only shows occasionally! In London this weekend and the sun was fab – even had a swim in London Fields Lido (along with many, many others). By golly the place has changed –  into what my daughter calls the front line of gentrification. Fantastic.

The first book (which will be appearing in the list sooner or later, just couldn’t get to the html today) is the Zoe Heller which somebody (Kath?) recommended. I finished it on the way home yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Won’t say more about it!

I’ve been reading madly this last few weeks – thrillers, poetry all sorts. Also been to some galleries and wept a bit over various Olympic marvellousnesses. Who would have thought there was so much passion, drama, cliff hangery, despair among those wearing lycra and trainers? I have clearly been missing something. Also loved the opening ceremony (so much better than the closing!) and feel strangely pleased to be British. This is rare. Maybe They are putting something in the water to induce patriotism?

Looking forward to seeing all of you on September 10th.