Monthly Archive for June, 2012

Last of the summer scones

Bit of blue sky up there today. I am thankful, but also wonder why that couldn’t have happened last week when I was in Devon on hols. Obviously, there is no answer to this question, and bitterness never looks good. I managed to come home with a suitcase bulging with fabric bought in second hand shops, so this is some comfort (more imaginary projects to feel guilty about goody). Also read Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine which I enjoyed and might suggest as one of my summer reads (although a daughter has stolen it).
I’m doing a Pecha Kucha event at the Lit and Phil in Newcastle tomorrow night with Sheree Mack – it’s slides and words, 10 minutes from each writer, using travel / memoir as a starter. I’m doing a piece on a NZ flyer called Jean Batten. Should be fun.
Looking forward to our meeting in July – there will be cakes. Bring any kind of book you like (or details of) – I always love hearing about what people read and enjoy.