Monthly Archive for May, 2012


Big thanks to Wilf for taking charge of book group this week – hope you all had a good time, and many apologies for missing . I felt very loss in my grim Cambridge B and B when I should have been off my head on one of Ashley’s fantastic Americano’s and having my spirits boosted by our discussions.
Next one is The City and the City – this one I am trying out on the Kindle, taking it to the States with me so hope I manage to get most of it read on planes and trains. Seems like a suitable setting.
For July might we try something different? A picnic would be nice, but maybe the weather is not going to be kind enough judging by current state of affairs. We could just have a BYO favourite book / summer read or we could go for an author and look at a range of work by him / her? Or we could pick a volume of short stories? Just some ideas. I am currently reading some quite strange short stories by Miranda July plus another lot by Jeremy Dyson (writer for League of Gentlemen). Or we could pick an author coming our way at the Bookfest to prime ourselves? I’m also hooked on Scandinavian crime drama but that might just be a guilty pleasure. I read 3 crime fiction books last week – Rankin, Atkinson andAdler-Olsen. Help me, doctor.
I’ll bring these suggestions along to the June meeting and we’ll make our decision then.
Hoping for brighter weather and looking forward to meeting up again in June.