Monthly Archive for April, 2012

War talk

Thanks for an excellent (as usual) book group. Hope you didn’t go off too depressed! I’ve just listened to an American journalist talking about the effect of war on young soldiers, both when they are in a deployment situation and when they come home. This as a result of photos taken by soldiers of the body parts of suicide bombers. It felt like a continuation of our discussion.  Also the trial in Norway – and Bleiker’s view that men have become “feminised”. Hmm. It strikes me that we have never fully resolved the man/woman question (ha not likely to do that in book group sorry Dave, sorry Wilf) especially in relation to violence. Who was it said on Monday – maybe it’s just testosterone?

Change of scene for the next book. Looking forward to discussing lots more issues with you. Feel very privileged to share thoughts in such enlightened company.

Time for a comedy dog, I think.


Hello all hope you had a good heat wave/ cold snap/ Easter. Have to be prepared for all eventualities these days.
Thanks to all who came to our March book group and took part in an excellent discussion on Rose Tremain’s novel. Just to say again – I don’t think this is her best and she is a great writer so do persevere.
Hope you are enjoying My Dear … and look forward to discussing with you. The most depressing thing is that after a war like WW1 people are still at it. I watched Melancholia at the weekend – it’s a fantastic movie, but also not a cheerful one. Made me think about what I would do when facing death by planetary collision. Can’t really come up with anything so far.
See you all on the 16th April.