Monthly Archive for February, 2012


Fascinating book – I really enjoyed reading it. It has that far north setting that I like, with lots of forest, wood chopping, and oddly named berries. The school scenes are well handled too, and the whole things flows really well. Such an interesting topic – the construction of gender. Made me think about my own upbringing and also the fierce discussions I had about this in the 80s, when I guess I believed more in nurture than nature. Having babies changed that view somewhat. This book covers both in a very personal and moving way I think – I love the character of the father and how he remains entirely human, even when he does some questionable things. I love some of the domestic details, like the crusts in the drawer.
Good stuff about children’s friendships and alliances also.
Looking forward to my week in Shropshire – hoping the snow will hold off. See you all on the 20th.