Monthly Archive for January, 2012

Looking ahead

Thanks for last night’s meeting –  I enjoyed exposing all the holes in Betrayal’s plot. We’ll find a more intriguing thriller for next time.

Just to let people know – the next group is on the third Wednesday in February – the 20th – as I’m away in Shropshire with a group of young poets the week before.

Thanks also for the book suggestions – I downloaded The Tiger’s Wife to my Kindle this morning. I can’t believe I just wrote that last sentence. Is this the slippery slope? I doubt it. But I hadn’t realised how clever those Amazon peeps are with their tantalising offers and their one click empty your bank account ways. I need more discipline.

Annabel looks great – hope people managing to find copies OK – seems like there are a lot of those big paperbacks and some hardbacks. Let me know if you have any problems.

Look forward to next month.

Happy New Year

Not too late to wish you that is it?
Hope you all had lots of lovely books for Christmas. I did – plus a Kindle which I celebrated by making a cover for. Haven’t read anything on it yet as waiting for a train ride to occur.
How are you going with Betrayal? Hope you are enjoying it. Not sure how it compares to other Scandinavian thrillers, although in terms of the Dragon Tattoo series, it’s better written and somehow less interesting. It’s all about character isn’t it? I admire the way she details the marriage and its breakdown, and the terrible things that jealousy makes people do – found this quite credible. But there were some holes in the plot that were a bit too big to ignore. Not sure if you agree – maybe we forgive the McGuffin if we are enjoying the read enough.
Look forward to discussing with you next week.