Monthly Archive for November, 2011

January book

Do you fancy any of these?
Mr Chartwell by Rebecca Hunt ( an exploration of depression)
Betrayal by Karin Alvetegen (Scandinavian thriller)
The Three of Us by Julia Blackburn (memoir: this lady is talking on 1st Dec at NCLA more details here)
Let me know any preferences? I would probably go for either of the second two (am really enjoying The Killing and have a pattern for the jumper if anybody wants to knit me one for Christmas – not necessarily THIS Christmas)
see you all soon


Hi everybody – seem to have lost my last couple of posts here – so apologies for that. Sometimes wordpress doesn’t like me. Not taking it personally as already having a paranoid month.

Mixed reaction to Maf – I guess I was surprised! But this is a reminder that people are incredibly different in their reading tastes and bring their whole selves to each text. It’s a clear case of people being very different, even when you think you share the same tastes in most things. And it’s what makes book group an interesting experience. But really, what is WRONG with you!! Sorry.

Haven’t started our December book yet, as having a busy month workwise – but not with the required train journeys for long reads! Plus I am reading a Siri Hustvedt book which I can’t put down ..  Might suggest one from this author for next year – but do bring suggestions along or post on the site – would love your input.

Lots of music this month – Billy Bragg and Dweezil Zappa doing a set from his dad’s back catalogue – brilliant, especially when Frank joined in on a big screen. Had a fantasy about which situations I would like to return to in hologram form to take part posthumously. Book group? Anyway am being a dead poet at Colpitt’s Christmas party – come along it’s always good fun.



Great evening

Really enjoyed the discussion last night and a warm welcome to the new comers. Still thinking about Gothic novels and the difficulties of updating. And wondering why vampires retain their popularity in fiction – what’s that about? Finding a team of weirdos you can belong to? I can relate to that but then I’m a poet (not going to say and a member of bookgroup …). I’m sure there are other deep seated psychological reasons and remember my fascination for the Christopher Lee movies back in the day. But I never got the pseudo-sexual stuff – those teeth are a turn off.
On the other hand, I loved Marlowe’s Dr Faustus and found its inevitable conclusion very moving. The poor doctor being dragged down to hell with salvation just beyond his grasp. No redemption. How hard it is to see beyond the material world, the material face. I speak as one who was beguiled into spending a ludicrous sum on some face cream whilst on holiday in you know where. Well ludicrous for me at least. Same old face Colley even when lathered in goo.