Monthly Archive for March, 2011

Book choices for April/May

But it’s spring! How lovely. I was inspired to write this:
Spring in the Denes

Among the icepop wrappers and the old tin cans
there are hyacinths, daffodils and celandines
and the trees are just beginning their blossom
everything shimmering green with a hint of pastel
that palest of pinks, white with a drop of blood.

It’s my town. I would want
the rubbish to be gone, picked up by teams
of public spirited youths wearing university scarves
and thick framed glasses. I have to accept
that the young here make their mark differently.

But still, the sun is warm on my face
the birds are a gospel choir from the branches
and kids are squealing in the swingy denes.
Ouitside Surestart, a mum has a quiet fag
whilst her little girl twirls ecstatically round a lamppost.

But also – what do you think to these two books for April /May:
They have been chosen by other groups in the region but thought they both looked pretty good? Let me know if you have violent objections (I always enjoy those).
Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann
The Vagrants by Yiyun Li

If you could let me know asap would be good?

Slap happy

Glad you (nearly) all liked The Slap – certainly provoked an interesting discussion, didn’t it? Global events over the last few weeks have made most things seem trivial, but I still think it was an interesting novelistic device – and as one of you pointed out, amazing that although we don’t approve of the slapping or of the slapper, we were pleased he got off. I guess I don’t mind being manipulated by writers – that’s their job. Don’t like being manipulated by politicians or media though (maybe they see this as their job too).
I confess I haven’t started M.J. Hyland yet – work is a beast – but am off up to Scotland this weekend with a long train ride, so that will help. Hope also to finish the long poem I am writing about a shipwreck and a drowned girl (oh she’s a jolly one innit).
I am reading in Crook library on 28th march at 2pm. Would be great to see any of you if you are free.