Monthly Archive for January, 2011

A great start

Lovely book group – thanks for the therapy, everybody, I really needed that. And thanks for all your insightful comments on Union Street: they really enhanced my enjoyment of the book. I promise to give you a lovely ghost story next Christmas! But the insights have spurred me on to do a piece of writing about Kelly as a 40 year old woman, and also to think about what Union Street would look like if it were written today, and if young women in particular are any freer as social beings than they were when the book was set.
The poems we read were by Mary Oliver. Let me know if there is a particular poet you would like us to look at – otherwise it will be chosen from the strange inner world of Jo Colley. Be warned.
Next book is A McCall-Smith’s 44 Scotland Street – as suggested by Victoria. See you all in Feb, when we will be slightly closer to Spring hurrah.

Coming up for air

Happy New Year everybody – I look forward to sharing many reading adventures with you all through 2011.
I’ve had a less than pleasant bout of flu. I know it was flu because the lad in the NHS call centre told me (“You’ve got flu, right?”) after my ex called the doc finding me prone and vomitting without any evidence of alcohol. Once I had confirmed I had the entire list of symptoms, the call centre lad made me swear not to go anywhere near a doctor’s or A and E, sip water and hope for recovery. Oh yes, and wipe down my tops. I had no idea what he was on about and slumped back into merciful oblivion as soon as I could. I have now emerged feeling about half a stone lighter and full of cheery hope that nothing can be that bad again. Please.
Hope you are all in fine fettle, and are enjoying Union Street. Not festive, granted, but I hope it will give us lots to talk about. Just listened to a fantastic discussion of TS Eliot’s Journey of the Magi, which I might bring – we’ll see. All the best to you and yours and see you next week.