Monthly Archive for December, 2010

Hard as iron

I am learning about cold: so much for all those wouldn’t it be nice to live in the Norwegian woods fantasies. After a couple of weeks of dangling guttering, broken pipes and cars at the knacker’s yard, plus renewing my bedtime wardrobe (fully dressed), I’m thinking it would be quite nice to be .. oh I don’t know. Probably by your own fireside is the location of choice:: acceptance is all. But yesterday, as I sat stranded on an east coast train for four long hours, novel read, view of the frozen sewage works exhausted, acceptance wasn’t playing.
So pleased most of you enjoyed Beryl: a quirky and interesting writer. Hope you will try a few more. Union Street next which should give us an interesting discussion. All our new and rearranged choices will be up on the blog shortly.
Thanks for being such a great bookgroup: I have so enjoyed all our discussions this year, not to mention Ashley’s hospitality that fantastic coffee. all the best to you for Christmas and the New Year.