Monthly Archive for November, 2010



Hmm how worried are you all feeling about the impending festive season? I love it and I fear it in equal measure. The panic of it all, whipped up by the Christmas strret lights, shoppers, tunes, Fenwicks’ window (or in downtown Darlo a plastic alcoholic Santa in the window of my favourite store with a couple of pee-ed off looking reindeers – know how you feel, love).
But the snow adds another dimension which I mostly like and also makes it all a bit more like it oughta be. Obviously you’ve got to be careful and find the right footware or you’re in trouble – Injury Time! Hope you are enjoying it – at last, a funny book! Cross between Abigail’s Party and Mrs Dalloway? But it may not stay funny, I fear. And in fact the pathos lurks throughout.
Looking forward to seeing you for our final 2010 Bookgroup – I have loved coming and sharing thoughts with you all. Please bring literary Christmas present suggestions.

All that Malarkey

Trying to remember the title of that poem took me all the way home – you can read it in full here.
It was a brilliant evening – such a wide ranging discussion from Mourning Ruby: ancestors, stories within stories, platonic relationships, grief and the strange behaviour of those who grieve. Not to mention the real and the imaginary. I loved discussing this book with you all and it gave me some new insights into the book, particularly its structure and the possible rationale for the inclusion of Joe’s imagined stab at Rebecca’s origins. Brilliant.
Also loved discussing the poems of Anne Stevenson and Lee Harwood and hope some of you might decide to follow this up on Friday night at Colpitts. It will be a really special evening.