Monthly Archive for October, 2010

Is it all relative?

Sibling rivalry seems to be a hot topic what with Ed and David apparently at daggers drawn (though this could be just how we like to dramatse events). Seems quite normal to celebrate the successes of your siblings (oh yeah apart from that time with the eyebrow tweezers..) but maybe this is only if they stay out of your game. Sadie and Melissa Jones are sisters who are both novelists – so you can’t help wondering how that works (though they probably get sick of being asked). You can see both writers in discussion at Durham Book Fest which also has lots of other treats, in all kinds of writing.
Hope you are enjoying Small Wars. I really did and it brought back many memories of a forces childhood. Also brought out lots of thought-provoking points around the military, conscience, and what happens when soldiers bring their work home. Should be an interesting discussion – looking forward to seeing you all on Monday next (after National Poetry Day which I’m spending at the Royal Festival Hall yay!