Monthly Archive for July, 2010

Lit up at Leonard’s

Thanks to everybody for such a lovely session last night – the discussion was excellent and gave me so much to think about. One of the things is – what’s the difference between expressing feelings in writing and sentimentality? Obviously, this is partly due to the genuineness we experience from the writing – but maybe there are also cultural strands at play. While reading One Day, some of us wept – some of us were tempted to throw the book across the room at the tragic moment – some of us might have wished we had got to this bit before coming to book group (those spoiler moments). But this is what makes the evening brilliant – the exchange of ideas and opinions, revealing and fascinating. And very stimulating. I always leave book group on a high (yes OK the coffee is the best in the county).
Poems we read last night were:
In an iridescent Time by Ruth Stone
Summer Solstice New York City by Sharon Olds

Look forward to seeing you again in September if all goes according to plan. Have a lovely summer.