Monthly Archive for March, 2010

Lovely evening

I really enjoyed this Monday’s meeting and the opportunity to discuss not only the novel but also the poetry. Both discussions were excellent and varied – it’s great to have a broad range of views and the chance to air them. Plus I found that I was rethinking aspects of the novel and not just having my prejudices confirmed – which is always good! The poetry discussion was utterly uplifting and have felt high on it ever since Monday – that could partly be the excellent coffee of course! Look forward to seeing you on April 12th when we will be discussing Per Petterson’s Out Stealing Horses. I’ll also bring some poems, as requested – was thinking I will bring some work from a couple of local writers if that’s OK. Probably Anne Stevenson and Gillian Allnutt – both great poets. But open to suggestions!

Next Monday

How is it going with the book? Hope you are all enjoying it – I’m looking forward to our discussion. The way authors manage multiple plot threads is always interesting – do you find yourself particulalry interested in one of the characters? Do you find some of the settings more convincing than others? I admire Sarah Hall’s prose and her ability to adapt it to each of her scenarios in this novel.
Hope you have also had a chance to look at a Jane Draycott poem or two – but don’t worry if not, I will bring copies and we can spend a little time pondering them. Should be an interesting night!